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Dr. OBrien

Hello! I'd like to share with you my unique background, training and approach to health and healing. Likewise, I look forward to hearing your story and path leading to the pursuit of functional medicine care.

My name is Dr. Katie OBrien and I am a conventionally trained allopathic physician (MD) with a far-from-conventional resume. I am a board certified Emergency Medicine doctor from Tucson, Arizona and have practiced acute care medicine for over 12 years. My medical interests reach far beyond the emergency room and I have completed fellowships in both Emergency Ultrasound and Global Health/Human Rights as well as a Masters degree in Public Health. I have been fortunate to provide medical care to patients all over the world- from rural Uganda, Kenya, India and Nepal to the ivory tower of academic medicine in Boston, MA at Harvard.

Extensive professional and personal health experiences have ultimately led me to passionately pursue and practice Functional Medicine. I have repeatedly witnessed how the combined power of the mind, spirit, diet and lifestyle can heal chronic illness and/or maximize wellness, particularly when patient and physician are well aligned.

In conventional medicine, patients are too often identified by the diseases they have, rather than seen as a whole being with the potential for radical wellness. Constrained by 15 minute appointment times and other systemic pressures, individual symptoms are all too often chased and treated, rather than having the root cause of these very symptoms investigated and resolved. As a conventionally trained- and currently practicing- acute care physician I am able to clearly understand this model of care and recognize both its strengths and tremendous shortcomings. I know we can do better.

Via our integrated team approach at Inner Garden Health we strive to offer both the local and remote community access to Functional Medicine and the VIBRANT HEALTH we all deserve. Welcome to Inner Garden Health.


University of Massachusetts Medical School, MD degree
University of Arizona, Emergency Medicine residency program
Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School, Fellowship in Global Health and Human Rights
University of Arizona, Fellowship in Emergency Ultrasound
Harvard TS Chan School of Public Health, Masters of Public Health, focus in Clinical Effectiveness
Institute for Functional Medicine, Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner, May 2019
Clinical Development Program Applied Nutrition Track with Dr. Kara Fitzgerald, current

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