Inner Garden Health LLC
  1. Answer Questions

Kindly reach out via phone or email to be placed on new patient wait list prior to clinic opening.
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2. Phone call

Enjoy a 10 minute NO-COST phone call to review your health assessment and briefly discuss your health needs and goals.


3. initial health coach appt

We'll get to know you and your complete health story with a 60-90 minute in-depth information gathering session.


4. Physician consult

You and our physician review your comprehensive health and exposure history. Relevant diagnostics are offered to assess deficiencies, intolerances and imbalances.


5. Physician follow up

Your physician will discuss your lab findings and create a customized care plan to address both current and future health concerns. 


6. collaborative support

Our physician, health coach and nutritionist work with you to provide ongoing education, direction and re-evaluation throughout your health journey.

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